Wolverine Boatworks founder, Craig, is a certified mechanical technologist with over 20 years experience in engineering and design roles in demanding industries such as automotive and aviation. He has studied yacht design at Westlawn Institute and has had the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the boat design industry. He has been building, restoring, researching and using boats of every description all his life.

A firm believer in the merits of welded aluminum boats, the type used every day by demanding professionals such as commercial fishers, guides, outfitters, law enforcement and search and rescue, Craig is driven to bring the same features, durability and level of quality common to coastal waters to the lakes and rivers of central Canada and the boreal shield. These areas can be just as unforgiving as coastal waters and demand boats as strong and as safe.

The boats offered by Wolverine Boatworks are just like the animal it was named after: tough and relentless. They are all-aluminum, thick plate, fully welded hulls, made from premium alloys with extensive internal structure and hull shapes suitable for the both the larger open lakes and the shallow waters of the shield.